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MANSION - We Shall Live (2014) MCD

Image of MANSION - We Shall Live (2014) MCD


Mansion hails from Finland. The band name referers to the local Christian apocalyptic “mansionite” cult, Kartanoism, which lived it’s glory days in the 1920-50’s. Kartano is the Finnish word for mansion and is the surname of cult leader Alma Kartano. Mansion is a six piece band brought together to create strong music reflecting the life of the cult’s followers.

Their music it’s a great combination of doom, psychedelic rock and cult rock right out of the 70s. Jess and Ancient Ones, Sabbath Assembly, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth – you know what I mean.

Reissue of cult ep recorded in 2013, first time on cd. The box includes 16 page booklet, lyrics and many previously unpublished pictures.

1. Mother’s Burden
2. We Shall Live
3. Sorrowless
4. Slumber Sermon